All of our decals are constructed from high quality self adhesive vinyl material which can be applied to windows, doors, painted surfaces, helmets, skateboards, boats, trucks, vans, or any un-waxed smooth surface.

Tailor-made to meet your specifications, Choose the size, shape, material or color that works for you. Use to decorate, identify products, places, equipment or systems; communicate ideas, instructions or warnings; promote companies, programs, services or events.


Advantages to Gerber EDGE® foil printing

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4-color thermal printing — you pay only for what you need!
  • Strong spot colors and extremely cost effective 1- or 2-color printing for short runs.
  • Your choice of reflective, transparent/clear, static cling, or translucent
  • The ability to print white for reverse applications, even on clear!
  • A maximum print height of 11.7 inches.
  • 3-year outdoor durability if unlamented; 5-year when laminated.

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